Surfing Manourvers - How to Perform a Roundhouse Cutback

A roundhouse cut-back is a cut-back that continues right around through an arc of 180 to 200 degrees.

You would perform this when you are riding way out and up high on the open wave face, with speed. To bring you right around and back to the oncoming wave so you can return to the source of energy (at the waves curl).

It is different to the shorter (snap style) cut-back because you are turning around much more  and riding back up onto the foam or lip. It is an advanced level surfing manoeuvre.

Steps tp perform a Roundhouse Cutback

Step 1. You will be riding fast out on the open wave face. Position yourself on the upper face of the wave and lean over into your roundhouse cutback with your weight distributed evenly over your feet. Look back at the curl and draw a line that will bring you right around and back to the lip as it peels towards you.

Step 2. Continue leaning over into your turn and head straight back to the oncoming wave. Look at the top of the lip where you will hit and pivot around.

Step 3. Put most pressure on your back foot (i.e. shift body weight over your back foot). Use guiding pressure and direction on the toes of your front foot, to rise up to hit the lip.

Step 4. Twist your arms and upper body around. Look down at the trough as you are coming around again. Your front foot controls how far you will bring the turn around. Put slight pressure on either heel or toe on the front foot to determine the extent of your turn.

Step 5. Look ahead to the open face and continue the turn right around. Put more pressure on the heel of your front foot. Head down into your next bottom turn.

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